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Customers Love Lacombe Karate

“I’ve been a student of Master Roger Lacombe for approx 8 mos now. From the first day I entered his studio, I knew I would be getting the best quality instruction far and wide in terms of self defense, physical training and conditioning. Master Lacombe combines both traditional martial arts and Krav Maga into his lessons, both of which compliment each other for any real life situation you may find yourself in. Every lesson is both challenging, and rewarding. You’ll be working with students young and old, beginner and advanced, always helping each other to be the best they can
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Top Rated Defense Training

Self defense training has become more popular in recent years, with men, women, and children wanting to learn how to defend and protect themselves. If this is something you’re interested in, Lacombe Karate encourages you to try it out! From your first experience you’ll see how how beneficial this type of training can be. – Protection When it comes to protecting yourself, defense training is one of the most effective ways to do so. With a professional trainer helping, you will learn a lot of different moves that will help protect you in the event that you need it. This
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